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IRCE will provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Intelligent robotic and control engineering.


Innovative research results on topics related (but not limited) to the following are invited:

Intelligent Robotics

Robot design
Robot kinematics/dynamics/control
AI in robots
Sensor/actuator networks
Multi-sensor data fusion
Distributed and cloud robots
Bio-inspired robots
Service robots
Humanoid robots
Human-robot interaction
Medical robots (surgery, rehabilitation)
Autonomous land/underwater/aerial robots
Soft robotics and liquid metal robots
Robot perception/vision
Multi-finger manipulators
Micro/nano systems
Multimodal interface
Human-robot-environment interaction
Coexisting-cooperative-cognitive robots
Multi-robot systems/Swarm robot/Collaborative robots
Localization and navigation

Automations & Control Engineering

Man-machine interactions
System integration
Nonlinear systems and control
Discrete event systems
Hybrid systems
Adaptive and robust control
Data/Event driven modeling and control
Networked control systems
Process control
Control of biological systems
Cooperative control
Multi-agent systems
Optimal control
Fault diagnosis
System identification
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Nano-scale automation and assembly
Power system control
Cyber physical systems
Factory modeling and simulation
Production planning, scheduling and control
Intelligent manufacturing
Embedded system and wireless sensor network
Computational intelligence in automation

Artificial Intelligence

AI architectures and applications
Information retrieval and integration
Data mining
Computer vision and image reconstruction
Computer Games
Natural language processing
Knowledge-based systems
Probabilistic and uncertain reasoning
Expert systems
Fuzzy systems
Pattern recognition
Genetic algorithms
Particles swarm optimization
Neural network
Artificial life
Machine learning
Deep/Continual/Adversarial learning
Robust/Explainable decisions
Compostable AI systems
Domain specific hardware
Cloud-edge systems
Brain-computer interface
Cognitive mechanisms


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