Track 2: Active Vision and Interaction 主动视觉和交互 (Flyer Download)

Track Chair

Prof. Lihui Wang 王立辉教授
Soochow University, China 苏州大学

Biodata: Lihui Wang received Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 2014, and then he was a Project Assistant Professor and Project Researcher in the same university till 2019. He was then a professor of Engineering at the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, China to 2024. Currently, he is a professor in Soochow University, China. His research interests include adaptive optics system, high-speed visual feedback, dynamic image perception, and dynamic interaction.


Track 2 Speakers

  Lei Li, Sichuan University, China

Biodata: Prof. Lei Li is a professor at Sichuan University. He is engaged in the liquid lens, imaging, and display technology. Hosted 5 national-level scientific research projects and also led horizontal cooperation projects with Huawei and Simou. He has published 46 first/corresponding author papers in international authoritative journals such as Advanced Functional Materials, Opto Electronic Advances, PhotoniX, Optics Letters, Optics Express, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, and has been granted 9 first inventor patents. As one of the chief editors, he has authored 1 academic monograph and the Outstanding Western Science and Technology Achievement Award in 2023. He has given more than 20 invitation presentations at international and domestic academic conferences and served as the chairman of three international academic conferences.
李磊,四川大学研究员、博士生导师。 从事液体透镜、成像和显示技术。主持了5项国家级科研项目,并主持华为、思谋等横向合作项目。在本学科领域的国际权威期刊Advanced Functional Materials、Opto-Electronic Advances、PhotoniX、Optics Letters、Optics Express、Optics and Lasers in Engineering等期刊上发表第一/通讯作者论文46篇,授权第一发明人专利9项,作为主编之一编撰了学术专著1部,参研的项目获得了2023年优秀西部科技成果奖。在国际国内学术会议做邀请报告20余次,并担任国际学术会议的分会主席3次。

Speech Title: Liquid Lens and Intelligent Deflectable Imaging System 液体透镜及智能化偏转成像系统